A child of war, a survivor, a woman of peace, an advocate of change, a Soviet defense attorney, a US immigrant, writer-author Simona Pipko gives her heart and mind in her new book.

Simona Pipko was born in Moscow, USSR. She grew up in Leningrad, witnessed the aftermath of WWII, graduated from Leningrad Law School, and practiced law as a defense attorney for twenty-five years in Tallinn, Estonia.

She married and has two children; but in 1981, she left her Communist husband and immigrated to the United States with her two children, Katherine and Roman.

While living in New York City and teaching at the New School for Social Research and New York University, she wrote articles for various publications: The International Lawyer and ABA, Law and National Security Intelligence Report.

In 2002, she published her first book, Baltic Winds: Testimony of a Soviet Attorney.

The author is available for interviews and to answer questions. Direct emails to:  simonapipko@comcast.net
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